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Our Story

Back in 2013, I made the first prototype combining light and wood called BrightStairs.

In the beggining of 2014, I presented the idea to my friend, Ana Lukner, who saw its potential and became a mentor.

In the middle of 2014, I invited my very good friends from highschool, Aljaž and Andraž, to help me with the project. Later that year we attended and won the Best Enterprising Idea contest in Slovenia. In december 2014 BrightLes was officially founded and we started with our BrightJourney.

- Rok Kostanjšek

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Slovenian wood is one of the highest quality materials in the world.


We are making these products with a lot of passion and attention to details.


Our products create a soothing atmosphere like no other.


Merging technology and wood into every day products.

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Meet the Team

BrightLes, Andraz Orazem

Andraž Oražem

Video, Music, Web

BrightLes, Rok Kostanjsek

Rok Kostanjšek

CEO / Founder

BrightLes, Aljaz Mrak

Aljaž Mrak

3D modeling, Visualization

BrightLes, Ana Lukner

Ana Lukner


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